Hyundai i30N Fastback VT2

Main design facts

  • Improved front brake by AP Racing Ø 378mm – 6 piston lightweight caliper
  • Optimal charactaristic of main- & helper spring made by own software
  • Optimized suspension by KW Competition 3A EXR – 3 way adjustable
  • FT3 – safety tank especially for endurance competition
  • Lightweight Lithium-Ion akku, ca. -18kg front axle load
  • Radio connection between driver + pit wall + paddock
  • Data acquisition for driver specific data evaluation
  • Onboard video front + rear
  • Full safety equipment
Hyundai i30N fastback racecar | Loud backfire, flybys | Nürburgring 2021
Final lap RCN5/2020 @ Nordschleife, 8:01

Optimized front brake – AP-Racing Ø 378mm:

Example for optimization of main- & helper spring characteristic:

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